Printed in full colour with sealer varnish on 350gsm silk,we offer an extensive range of folder layouts and designs.

To help reduce costs we have given you an option of using our stock forms highlighted below which you can use to design your artwork around.
Alternatively if you  require a bespoke forme we can get this made at an additional cost.

If there are solid colours in the design we would recommend laminating the folder to help prevent any cracking from occurring on the creases and folds.
We can supply your folders flat to be made up to reduce storage space or if you prefer made up ready for use.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

No capacity [option 1] (interlocking)
Capacity 5mm [option 1] (interlocking)
Capacity 5mm [option 2] (interlocking)
No capacity [option 2] (interlocking)
Capacity 7mm (interlocking)
Capacity 15mm (interlocking)
No capacity (glued)
Capacity 5mm [option 1] (glued)
Capacity 5mm [option 2] (glued)
Capacity 4mm (glued)

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6